Fish On Travel Offers One of a Kind Fantasy Fest Service

This unique service from Fish On Travel offers One of a Kind Private Butler Service to guests visiting Fantasy Fest in Key West.  Given the non-existent parking and scarcity of taxis, the Butler service is for those that wish to navigate through Key West during Fantasy Fest with the least amount of waiting.
The dedicated travel staff is local to Key West and will escort the guests to any and all Fantasy Fest events.  There is no need to worry about consumption, the Fish On travel staff will be at your beck and call to take you to your next destination or back to your resort.
The Private Butler Service is offered for escort to the Royal Coronation Ball at La Te Da, the Headress Ball, Pretenders in Paradise Event at the Pier House Resort, Sloppy Joe’s Toga Party, The Monster Ball, and of course, the Fantasy Fest Parade on Duval Street.

Fish On Travel offers the private butler service at $150.00 per hour for up to four guests.  To make arrangements, visit the site at here or contact a local agent at 800-447-6999.


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Hurricane Ike Update

Well we sure dodged a bullet.  Hurricane Ike passed through the Florida Keys as a Tropical Storm.  I was out on the water today and took some photos of Little Palm Island and a local neighborhood that show we faired well.


There was a mandatory evacuation of our Tourists on Friday, September 5th and of residents on Saturday September 6th.  Some guests in the Keys wonder why we do this……well we’ll tell ya.

On Friday, the track of Ike showed the possibility of the center of the storm over the 7 mile bridge as a category 4 storm possibly hitting as soon as Sunday.  That would have been devastating.  Not only do we want to ensure the safety of our visitors, let’s be honest, we need you off the road when we need to get out! 

In all seriousness, the Florida Keys and Key West have been dealing with Hurricanes for many years.  Our Tourist Development Counsil is one of the best and has put together a great plan to keep everyone safe and informed.  You can find answers to frequently asked questions and more information here.

Again, we feel lucky that the storm stayed to the West of us and our thoughts and prayers are with those in Texas and the surrounding states that had a more devastating hit.

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Some airlines are compensating for the high fuel prices by charging for oversized bags.  Check your airlines restrictions and measure your bag before your go.  Most require a linear measurement which is length + width + height.

Airlines are also offsetting high fuel costs by charging very high prices for overweight bags.  Check your airlines website for weight restrictions before you pack.

Many pilots overcompensate for the heat in the summer by cranking up the air.  It may be 90 outside but feel like the arctic on the plane.


According to statistics provided by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Information Administration, the Possible savings of avoiding under inflated tires is between $100.00 to $200.00 per year depending upon how much you drive and how under inflated your tires may be.

Long trips can be especially tough for children.  Taking breaks along the way can help.  Check out our Fl Keys driving guide for places to stop along the way.

Sticking to the speed limit is not only safe but generally more fuel efficient.  Set your cruise control.  Slowing and speeding up takes more fuel that driving at a steady pace.

Guess what, you have no choice.  The route to the Keys is the scenic route.  Take your time – stop and smell the sea air.  Take some photos and have some fun!

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Fish on Travel,

     Thank you for all the help and quick responses you gave me and my boyfriend. We throughly enjoyed our trip!! Duval Gardens was the PERFECT place for us…we loved the porch and being able to sit out there every night. The staff was also very helpful.  Getting to stay on the quiet end of Duval Street but being close enough to walk to everything was a great idea. Snorkeling with Segebo was the highlight of our trip…everyone was so friendly and the water was crystal clear!! Thank you again for all of your help!!


Just got back from Key West a few days ago. Wanted to say “Thanks!” for all of your assistance. We had a great time!  Beachside Resort was a great place to stay. Top notch! It was very spacious and the staff was courtious and friendly. The one-bedroom suite was perfect for 2-people.  We could have stayed there all summer! 🙂
Thanks again for everything. I will be booking future trips with you for sure!

 “Dear Tamara and the entire Fish-on staff,

I just wanted to thank you for your quick responses to my always last minute requests.  You have always been on top of my reservations and able to get me in all the right places even with little or no notice.  I appreciate all the help, and I look forward to continued business in the future.”

Chris Esper
Miami, FL

“Imagine my surprise to get a phone call on a holiday from an on line merchant!!  I appreciate your attention.  If you’re the boss, then kudos for running such a tight ship, if an employee, please let the boss know I think you’re doing a great job!!  …….Thanks again, looking forward to doing more business with you.”

Sandy from North Carolina

“Our few days were outstanding, thank you! We will contact you next

“Dear Maggie,

I can not thank you enough for planning the perfect vacation for us.  Your attention to detail was second to none!  The room was perfect, the sunset sail was beautiful, and our day deep sea fishing was the best ever.   We’ll definately call you when planning our next trip to the Florida Keys!”

Roger and Mary Kay Wilkie

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Memories of Dad

 I have fond memories of fishing with my Dad up north on the lake catching bluegills.   What a pleasure it was to be able to take my Dad fishing in the Florida Keys and have him catch a monster dolphin!Dad Fishing in Florida Keys

Fishing with Dad


  Happy Father’s Day Dad.



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Underwater Music Festival

Only in the Florida Keys.  Fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water, water, everywhere. But underwater music.  You bet.  We’re getting ready for the 24th Annual Underwater Music Festival.

Yep, it’s a concert underwater held July 12th  It’s a quirky concert broadcast underwater for divers, snorkelers and the occasional mermaid emphasizing reef preservation. The submerged songfest is held at Looe Key Reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
Along with local favorite musicians, the playlist ranges


from humpback whale songs to the Beatles “Octopus Garden” and Jimmy Buffett’s “Fins”.  Messages promoting preservation of the Florida Keys’ unique coral reef ecosystem are incorporated with diver awareness announcements offering tips on how people can enjoy the ocean while minimizing the impact on the reef and overall marine environment.   All this is broadcast underwater via Lubell Laboratory speakers. 
People can divie or snorkel and just enjoy the sights and sounds of the Underwater Music Festival.


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Fishon Travel’s New Blog Site

Fishon Travel has a new Blog.  Check out our Flickr photostream.  We’re hoping to add more and more photos for you.  If you have a great Florida Keys or Key West photo, email it to us at and we’ll add it to the blog.

Give us a shout anytime if you want to see something added or if you have questions about the keys.  It’s what we’re here for.  

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